Nitrogen nutrition of bromeliads

Fernanda Helena De Souza Santos, Elka Fabiana Aparecida Almeida, Jussara Ellen Moraes Frazão, Aparecida Célia Paula Dos Santos


Plants of Bromeliaceae family are noted for their exotics colors and shapes. In last years bromeliads have presented great economic importance, due its use in landscaping projects and for decoration, being quite grown commercially. Proper fertilizer is an important management for efficient production of plants with better quality. As a result, this study aimed to compile information about nitrogen nutrition of bromeliads. Due to the several growth habits, the bromeliads are exposed to different sources and forms of nitrogen supply depending on the environment in which they develop. Studies prove that the epiphytic bromeliads exhibit a preference for organic nitrogen form and terrestrial bromeliads by inorganic form due to the availability of this nutrient in the environment. Bromeliads also exhibit specific physiological and morphological adaptations to increase the uptake an assimilation of nitrogen.


Bromeliaceae, nitrogen, floriculture.


ISSN: 2447-536X

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