Mechanical damage on Bird-of-Paradise (Strelitzia reginae) postharvest


  • Gláucia M. Dias
  • Sara J. Queiroz
  • Juliana Sanches
  • Antonio Fernando C. Tombolato



The marketing of strelitzia (Strelitzia reginae) has been increasing due to its beauty, exotic colors and high post-harvest longevity. It has potential to increase also in international exports, however this has been limited by the scarcity of information on the flower post-harvest management and packaging. Therefore, this study aimed to further the technology of strelitzia postharvest to maintain high quality of the product and to select a packaging system suitable for export, ensuring high quality to the final consumer. The damages of the stem and the petal color on the buds of Strelitzia reginae were evaluated and it was observed that the stalks harvested with closed buds had extended longevity, while the flower stalks harvested with the first opened button had the highest flower opening rate. As for mechanical damage, the sleeve net protection most affected the visual appearance of the flowers. The cardboard box packaging showed the lowest percentage of damage in the stems.


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