Production and quality of ornamental peppers grown in pots with different volumes

The demand for ornamental peppers grown in vases is growing as they are well accepted by the market due to color diversity, shape of fruits and size of plant. Characterization of cultivars considering plant size and fructification will allow the expansion of growth for these plants in vases, with ornamental purposes as well as source of fresh fruits. Based on this, seven genotypes of peppers with ornamental potential (Bico, Olho de peixe, MG 302, Fafá, Roxa, Nande and Dinha) were grown in different volumes’vases (300, 600, 900 and 1600 mL), in a greenhouse. It was used random block design with sub-parcels, with four replications. It was evaluated the plant cycle, height and diameter of plants and number, length, diameter, fresh and dry weight of fruits. The higher yield of fruits was obtained in larger vase volumes. In order to obtain better vase harmony and ornamental effect, the cultivar Fafá should be grown in 600 or 900 mL vases, while the remaining cultivars have to be cultivated in 1600 mL vases.

ISSN: 2447-536X

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