Development and post harvest of ornamental pineapple

The present work was divided in two stages that had as objectives to evaluate the durability post harvest of Ananas comosus var. erectifolius harvested in three stages, stored and cooled, and to determine the period required from floral induction to the harvest stage. In the first experiment, the ornamental pineapple had been harvested in experimental area installed at Embrapa Tropical Agroindustry in Pacajus – Ceará state - Brazil. The floral stems had been classified by the length of infrutescence (CI) in 3 harvest stages: infrutescences with 40±2 mm (stage 1); 46±2 mm (stage 2) and 51±2 mm (stage 3). The experiment was lead in DIC in factorial project 3x2x5 under two temperatures (9°C and 12°C), being evaluated qualitatively every two days, following note scale varying of 3 (superior quality) the 0 (without commercial quality). The higher notes were observed at stage 1, which showed useful life of 13 days, regardless of the temperature of storage. In the second experiment, plants in vegetative stage were selected, and these had been performed using the floral induction of calcium carbide in the dose 0.5 g/liter of water. The morphological development of the floral stems was observed by the following parameters: height of the infrutescence (HF), height of the crown (HC), diameter of the infrutescence (DF), diameter of the crown (DC), diameter of the peduncle (DH) and length of the peduncle (CH), until the moment where the infrutescence reached the point of harvest established in the first experiment (infrutescence with average height of 40±2 mm). The period from the floral induction to the harvest point was of 71 days.

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