The garden of the dreams

The garden of the dreams always was an ideal of the men. In the Old Egypt, already was spoken in an always green garden for where the goodhearted persons went after death. And in the Greek mythology, a pretty garden was stage of the bucolic parties of the gods. The big religions also cited gardens as heavens, like the Garden of the Eden.  In this article, Raul Cânovas takes us to a reflection about the sense of a "perfect garden", without refer to the perfection as just plastic and structured with accuracy, but referring to a garden that inspires and excites us, emancipated of the ephemeral vogue. The landscape designer also alerts us about the changeable conditions of a garden, that never is finalized.  The landscape design is not barely technical; is also sensibility, utility, sustainability and equilibrium of the forces of the nature. 

ISSN: 2447-536X

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