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Micropropagação de Ananas bracteatus (Shultz) cv. striatus Hort.

The State of Santa Catarina is known for the intense agricultural and industrial economy, there is yet, an intern market to be provided. The ornamental horticulture makes it possible the employment, the establishment and the strengthening of small and medium growers, the ornamental micropropagation can be used in large scale. With these objectives, we studied the Ananas bracteatus (Shultz) cv. striatus Hort., establishing an in vitro culture protocol to the specie. Lateral buds were utilized as explants source. The asseptical treatment was realized in ethanol 70% (v/v) during 5 seconds and NaOCl 1% (v/v) during 15 minutes. The explants were inoculated in medium MS liquid with ANA (2.16 mM) and BAP (4.0 mM), during 45 days of cultivation. Liquid medium treatment with ANA (2.16 mM) e BAP (4.0 mM) resulted in the best explants development on the establishment phase than with solid medium. The isolated presence of BAP, on the proliferation phase, not showed efficiency in promotes a multiplication tax increase. It was necessary a combination between the grown regulator ANA (2.16 mM) and BAP (8.89 mM) concentration utilities to obtain a higher number of buds to explants. The subcultures, in the multiplication phase and the grown phase, resulted on the somaclonal appear green and albino plantlets.

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