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Nutrient solution buffer in ornamental plants hydroponics.

Six species of ornamental plants Viola tricolor, Antirrhinum majus, Phlox drummondii, Petunia hybrida, Statice sinuata and Alyssum maritimun were cultivated in hydroponics with and without buffering agent in a complete randomise factorial experiment with three replications. Time of germination, blooming, lost of vigor, quality of flowers, nutrient content and water consumed were evaluated at harvest. Antirrhinum majus was the specie to present minor total cycle reduction.
Antirrhinum majus and Petunia x hybrida tended to a best development when cultivated with buffer agent.Viola tricolor and Phlox drummondii tended a best development when cultivation without buffer agent. For Statice sinuata and Alyssum maritimun the solution utilized don’t show significative differences in the growth of plants, even so the vigor and the number of flowers show tendency of superiority in presence of buffer agent.

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