Ornamental characteristics of plants from Pampa Biome

The result of the genetic inheritance confers specific characteristics to the plants that are revealed in elements such as form, color or texture. In some cases, this assembly of characteristics exposes esthetic attributes that confer ornamental quality to the plants. The Pampa Biome presents a large diversity of native species that possess characteristics with potential to be used in landscaping. The insertion of these plants in commercial cultivations and subsequent utilization are effective forms to collaborate for ex situ conservation, disclosure and valorization of the native flora. Therefore, the present work had the objective of identify native species of the Pampa Biome, in the Southern region of Rio Grande do Sul State, Southernmost Brazil, that presents appropriate esthetic elements for landscaping use and organize the information about its ornamental characteristics. Morphology, habit and the texture, fragrance and color of the structures of higher ornamental value were described, with indication of the possibilities of use. The species described are Campomanesia aurea, Colletia paradoxa, Daphnopsis racemosa, Eriocaulon magnificum, Maytenus muelleri, Schinus lentiscifolius, Scoparia ericacea, Senecio bonariensis and Solanum granulosoleprosum.

ISSN: 2447-536X

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