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Different volumes of growing medium in the development of plants of marigold (Tagetes patula L.)

The objective of this work was to evaluate the development of marigold plants (Tagetes patula L.), produced in different volumes of growing medium. The experiment was carried out in a greenhouse of the Department of Fitotecnia and Fitossanitarismo of UFPR. A completely randomized experimental design with 4 treatments, 4 replications and 10 plants per parcel, was used. The treatments had consisted of the following volumes of growing medium: 47, 105, 380 and 1000 cm3. The effect of the treatments had been evaluated determining the fresh and dry matter of the aerial part and the root system, height of the plants, number of buds and number of flowers. It was evidenced that the development of the plants was influenced by the volume of growing medium. The biggest volume presented the best results for all the analyzed variable. However the volume of 380 cm3 is recommended, for conferring minor increment to the final cost of the production, keeping the desirable characteristics for the commercialization.

ISSN: 2447-536X

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