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Tropical flowers stem characterization since the emergence to the harvest

Development and time to harvest of some tropical flowers were evaluated at the Floriculture Laboratory of UFRPE.Tapeinochilos ananassae, Zingiber spectabilis, Heliconia rostrata, H. rauliniana, Renanthera coccinea and varieties of Anthurium andraeanum, Alpinia purpurata and Etlingera elatior where studied. On this experiment, length and diameter of both stem and inflorescence where measured from the moment of inflorescence emergence, at weekly intervals, up to cutting time. This experiment was conducted at a flower production farm in Paulista-PE. Analyses of variance were conducted with SAS, and means comparison by Tukey´s test at the 5% probability level. Stems of A. purpurata Red, Jungle King and Jungle Queen varieties, achieved harvest times at 29, 37 and 43 DAM, respectively.A. andraeanum cultivars could be cut between 20 and 29 DAM. H. rauliniana and H. rostrata did not increase inflorescence and stem length from 9 to 15 DAM, with cutting point at 15 DAM. E. elatior varieties attaining cutting point between 36 and 42 DAM. There was an increase in inflorescence length and diameter, but both stem length and stem diameter did not change from 21 to 42 DAM. Z. spectabilis achieved cutting point between 29 and 37 DAM but may be cut up to 42 DAM since bigger inflorescences are acceptable. T. ananassae stems achieved harvest condition from 29 DAM and flower stems of R. coccinea could be cut at 42 DAM. Our results indicate that harvest date and inflorescence quality may be estimated from inflorescence emission.

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