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Sensorial garden: a proposal for visually impaired kids

Visual deficient kids came to world with difficulties in forming concepts and mental construction of the space that surrounds them. During childhood, precocious stimulation of other directions and verbal descriptions, which can provide this information to them, is needed. However, many visual deficient kids are educated and stimulated by their parents and teachers in the same way are kids with the visual sense, causing in this way introspection and deficit insertion into the exterior world. This project aims to provide landscape and agronomic information in order to subsidize the creation of public spaces for children with visual deficiency, from 5-10 years old. This space was conceived to help visual deficient kids to discover nature, getting in touch closely with its elements, through their perception. For this reason a playful garden where children can play under attendance of monitors was created, to develop precocious autonomy and self confidence. In this garden wide, secure and organized spaces were created with great attention to the natural elements, allowing children to show interest for the space that surrounds them, extending their horizons. It also presents an educational proposal where daily species’ recognition is possible. Plants were selected to sharp the sense of touch and the sense of smell, using textures, different forms and densities, besides diverse fragrances. As a complement, different sound elements were included.

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