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Seed germination of dried flowers Syngonanthus olegan e S. venustus

Syngonanthus sp. is a native ornamental plant endemic to Brazilian savannahs. It has been considered one of the most important exported species and also presents an expressive inner consumption. Although it presents a commercial importance little is known of its agronomic characteristics. It is propagated by seeds prepared by the producers. With the objective to evaluate seed characteristics, flower chapels of S. elegans and S. venustus were collected and the seeds were extracted and submitted to germination by evaluating the effect of temperature (20, 25, 30 and 35 oC). Four replicates with 50 seeds in each gerbox type plastic tray were used. The seeds of both species presented higher percentage and germination velocity at 25 oC with no germination being observed at 35 o C. The seeds of S. venustus showed the first count and germination speed index superior than seeds of S. elegans.

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