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Qualitative and quantitative tree evaluation of areas in Vinhedo, SP, Brazil.

An inventory of the tree species in the squares of the city of Vinhedo was accomplished in the urban perimeter, except for condominiums, parks and springs preservation areas. To locate the areas to be inventoried, a 1977 city map was used. Specimens with circumference breast height,(CAP) above 10 cm were considered for the inventory, which included the following parameters: common and scientific names of each species; CAP; height; general appearance, canopy diameter; presence of diseases or insects; occurrence of pruning (drastic and/or corrective); root, trunk and crown health. The data registered for the 22 squares were: square identification, location and the number of trees, resulting in 764 individuals belonging to 23 botanical families and 53 species, not including 32 unidentified specimens. The highest relative species abundance was Syagrus romanzoffiana (Cham.) Glassm. (jerivá), with 31.94% of the individuals. In 63.64% of the squares, less than 50% were exotics. Most of the specimens had normal appearance.. In most cases where pruning had been done, it was done correctly. From all 22 squares, only five represented good general states of conservation of the specimens. In 68.18% of the squares, the trees were taller than 6 m, representing areas that needed only routine maintenance procedures, while 22.72% needed periodic maintenance practices such as amending soil, weeding, and pruning. Finally, in 13.64% of the squares needed new landscape design and installation.

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