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Nematodes in ornamental and flowering plant roots at Lavras, State of Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Soil and roots samples from ornamental and flowery plants were collected in the nursery of Agricultural Department of Federal Unversity of Lavras (UFLA). In the laboratory, free soil nematodes were extracted by Jenkins technique. By liquefier trituration, were obtained the sedentaries nematodes. The Xiphinema genus were obtained through soil sifting in the sieves mesh and it was collected among the dregs, through of individual separation at the microscope. The frequency of plant nematodes in the samples were: Helicotylenchus dihystera (19.7%), Meloidogyne incognita (16.7%), Xiphinema brasiliensi (10.61%), Meloidogyne spp. (9.09%), Ogma sp. (7.58%), Trichodorus sp. (7.58%), Meloidogyne javanica (7.58%), Criconemella ornata (4.55%), Tylenchorrynchus sp. (4.55%), Aphelenchus sp. (3.03%), Xiphinema spp. (3.03%), Aphelenchus avenae (1.52%), Tylenchulus semipenetrans (1.52%), Dorilaimus sp. (1.52%) and Ditylenchus sp. (1.52%).

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