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Ornamental bedding plant growth in different growing media.

Five media: (1) Sustrato Van Leeuwen® (100%); (2) Soil (100%); (3) Soil (50%); (4) River waste (100%) and (5) River waste (100%) were tested. A decrease of total porosity during the beginning of the growing period and a slight increase during the last grown steps, but the initial porosity was not compensated, for the ornamental plants used at five media tested were found. There were significant differences in growth curves among the five plant media tested for Begonia x semperflorens, Gerbera x jamensonii, Impatiens x walleriana and Viola x wittrockiana. Our results showed that river waste could be a potential substitute for Sphagnum peat but, it proportion in the mix are related with each bedding plant requirement.

ISSN: 2447-536X

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