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Seasonality’s evaluation of flowers and ornamental plants market in the State of São Paulo, Brazil.

This dissertation has the main objective to evaluate an eventual seasonal behavior of volumes and price series at floriculture in the State of São Paulo, Brazil. For this reason, a selection of products and trade centers was necessary. The chosen products were: rose, chrysanthemum and violet. Data refering to the decade of 1990 were got from the trade centers selected in the State of São Paulo: CEAGESPSP - “Companhia de Entrepostos e Armazéns Gerais de São Paulo”; Veiling olambra - a cooperative which trades directly from producers through eletronic auction - and CEASA-Campinas - a permanent market of flowers in Campinas. Apart from this principal aim, the identification and characterization of the seasonal period of volumes and prices, and the comparison of market characteristics of main flowers and ornamental plants traded in the selected facilities in the State of São Paulo were made. The results of the research pointed distinct periods for the volumes and presented similarity for the price periods. For example, the period of 12 months was found to the price of rose in every trade center. Moreover, it was observed that there are links between commercial dates and the found periods for volumes and prices. Therefore, like for the most agricultural products, it is believed that information about seasonal periods is extremelly important for the trade system of each product. With this knowledge, both, producers and consumers, can benefit themselves. Knowing the seasonal periods, producers can organize their production to make it meet consumers’ demand; consequently, they can create more peaks during the whole year. Increasing the trade peaks, the anual revenue also increases being better distributed during the period.

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