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Post-harvesting longevity of pseudo-bulbs storing Dendrobium nobile (Orchidaceae) flowers.

Orchids are considered ornamental plants of great importance in the flowers market, being used as poted plants or cut flower. The objective of this work was to evaluate the postharvest longevity of pseudo-bulbs of Dendrobium nobile wistli flowers, using preservant solutions with different concentrations of sucrose. Treatments used were as follows: T1) distilled water; T2) no water; T3) 10gL-1 of sucrose; T4) 20gL-1 of sucrose; T5) 30gL-1 of sucrose; T6) 40gL-1 of sucrose and T7) 80gL-1 of sucrose. Longevity was evaluated by a grading criteria. The experimental design was entirely casualized, with seven treatments and ten replications. Flower durability was ten days and longevity was not influenced by the preservant solutions containing sacharosis.

ISSN: 2447-536X

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