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Caracterization and post-harvest conservation of Alpinia purpurata Vieill. Schum.

The market of tropical flowers is expanding. Therefore the marketing of red ginger inflorescence (Alpinia purpurata) is also increasing. In Brazil there is not much knowledge about postharvest of tropical flowers, considering this, the aim of this research was to develop methods of conservation of red ginger inflorescence, a tropical flower that has being introduced in the market without prior knowledge of postharvest. One hundred inflorescence were used in the beginning of this work, after analyzing the characteristics of this plant the results were used to evaluate the quality of the inflorescence and to indicate standards of this flower. The inflorescence was submitted for 24 hours to different solutions with sucrose (0, 1, 2, 4 %) and citric acid (200 ppm) and after this, the best solution was associated to brassinolide or spray of benziladenine (6BA). The data suggest that for the conservation of Alpinia purpurata it is applied : 200 ppm of 6BA before dipping in solution of 1% of sucrose plus 200 ppm of citric acid for 24 hours.

ISSN: 2447-536X

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