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Evaluation of nutrition and production of Aster ericoides 'White master' in comercial greenhouse at three cuts.

Aster ericoides is an ornamental plant recently introduced in Brazil that have great potential of production.  Few informations concerns about nutrition and fertilization in tropical conditions.  Some problems of production could be related with inadequate nutrition.  The objective was evaluate the nutrition and production in three cycles of Aster ericoides (White Master) at commercial productions.  The experiment was realized in Holambra region, major area of floriculture at Sao Paulo State.  Three phases of culture (february-may, may-august and september-december) were evaluated with 600 mil plants per ha and 400 mil plants per ha in the others.  Before transplanting chemical analysis of soil was: OM = 36.2 g dm-3; P = 398 mg dm-3; K, Ca, Mg, H+Al, S and CTC = 8.6, 66.2, 10.2, 18, 85 and 103 mmolc dm-3 respectively, pH CaCI2 = 5,9 e V% = 82.5. c Fertirrigation was used each cycle and it was applied 86.6 kg lia-' N, 10.3 kg ha-1 P, 60.9 kg ha-1, K, 89.5 kg ha-1 Ca, 4.8 kg ha-1 Mg e 11.9 kg ha-1 S. lt was harvested twelve steams in each plot, distributed in 2.4 m x 48 m area.  Dry matter production, number of flowers, principal lateral shoots and nutrients absorption was reduced at the third cycle and levels of potassium have reduction after first harvest.  N and K extraction were not replaced with usual fertirrigation.  Studies concerns about N and K fertilization could provide more informations for development of Aster ericoides in tropical conditions.

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