Alstroemeria micropropagation by shoot-tip

Eidinete Aparecida Quirino, Antonio Fernando Caetano Tombolato, Glaucia M.B. Ambrosano


Alstroemeria aff. inodora (a Brazilian specie) micropropagation by vegetative stem shoot tip became possible on several assays where the MS medium was added with sever combinations of NAA (0,0; 0,02; 0,2 e 2,0 mg//)and6-BA (0,0;2,0e 10,0mg/l). The best culture medium is still to be established, but, by these trials, it is showed the viability of an easy micropropagation technique w:tiere the mother plant is not destructed and the contamination rate is very low.


micropropagation; Alstroemeria; shoot tip; tissue culture


ISSN: 2447-536X

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